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Welcome to Muffin Fight! A high action multiplayer game developed for Virtual Reality!

Get into the game, take on your friends, or play against strangers. Players can bake muffins using many different recipes to create many different effects, and the person with the most points, wins!

Update 2022-07-23 - Release Notes:

  • Added a toggle lever for kids to be able to reach the tables
  • Moved the exit menu to make it harder to press by accident
  • New light baking in scenes
  • Small graphical fixes

Update 2022-07-07 - Release Notes:

  • Oculus Quest Support!
  • New intro video
  • Cleaned up some controls
  • Added a bouncing ball to play with while waiting for other players
  • Added a bit tighter control schema in the game
  • Big improvement on usability and performance
  • Removed outlines of objects and control items (was slowing down the game)
  • Upgraded project to a newer game engine release (more reliable)

Update 2021-08-05 - Release Notes:

Release Notes

  • Addition of Single Player mode
  • Exit Menu model updated
  • New Splash Screen
  • Chocolate bars removed from Chocolate Cherry Muffin Explosion effect
  • Oven Doors are properly aligned and don't jitter while opening
  • Spatulas are bigger
  • Start Button can only be activated by Avatar's hands.
  • Resolved various issues with Blueberry, Banana & Cherry Muffins
  • Muffin reset state issues resolved
  • Most visual effects can be seen by all players now
  • Duplicate Photon ID issues resolved
  • Vacuum Ray Reworked
  • Muffin Mondays Timer deactivated
  • Lighting improvements to all scenes
  • Updated Credits
  • Custom Match timer syncs with all players
  • Players now have their own client based pool of Muffins to draw from rather than all players sharing the same pool


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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stupid question but can I play without VR?

can i do this on a standalone quest? or do i need to be connected to a pc because i have a mac

Does this have a Quest 2 APK in the zip?

See two comments ago(!):

"Any plans on deploying the game as an apk for the Oculus Quest?"

"Definite yes :)"

(3 edits) (+1)

Would be good to mark this as Platform=Windows to make it more findable in searches? It's currently not downloadable in the itch.io app.  Perhaps the zip file needs to be marked as Windows or something similar?


Thanks! Fixed!  It was correct on the older version, but when we uploaded the last update we must've missed the box :) thank you for sharing this

Great, thanks

Hello! I haven't been able to try it yet, but the game looks quite fun!

Any plans on deploying the game as an apk for the Oculus Quest?


Definite yes :) 

That's awesomeeee, that would allow me to play with my friends that don't have a gaming PC, looking forward to it!

Cheers :D