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This project is mostly for fun, it likely won't work well.  There are known issues.


Created using the VRTK 4.x (for mass cross platform support), Unity3D, and based on the DOOM creation for Unity (DoomLoader) by Risto Paasivirta, as an experiment.  I thought I would put this up somewhere that the public can play it.

This VR-enabled version is much harder, as the aim does not auto-aim as it did in the old DOOM 1 days.

- Trigger (fire)
- Grip (swap weapons)
- Menu button (open doors, interact, restart level)

Release Notes:

Initial release for Desktop VR only

Known issues:
- Sometimes the enemies are not responding, this is likely due to their aggression being triggered by movement points bypassed during teleportation
- Sometimes the interaction (menu) button appears to not work

To-do items:

- Next update to include an APK for the Oculus Quest port, improving FPS all around, and addressing items above.

2021-07-28 - Update
Adding in the newest builds for Desktop VR, and the new build for Oculus Quest 2 :)

Known issues:

- Teleporting too far can result in missing a trigger zone, and enemies won't attack

- After you die, you don't respawn in the correct location

To-do items:
- Better UI, finish UI

2021-11-15 - Update

I've been working away behind the scenes to make some pretty big changes, today I wanted to upload a preview of the new music tracks coming in :)  New 3D models are close behind as well as snap turn.  Oh yes... the update shall be magnificent

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorRed Iron Labs
GenreAction, Shooter
TagsDoom, First-Person, Virtual Reality (VR)


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DOOMI for Vive & Rift - beta_08f.zip 69 MB
DOOMI for Quest 1 & 2 - beta_08f.apk 80 MB
DOOMI - Music Remaster - Lloyd Summers.zip 18 MB


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Could it be compiled for Pico 4? I'd quite like to play but the game opens in window mode .

That can definitely be made to happen :)  We have an update coming soon, I'll make sure it has full Pico support!

Thanks, much appreciated!


with smooth locomotion and some 3d models even if its in the style of the  old school I  would be 100% in if its the whole doom game that would be amazing


I love this, I have a whole set of models and music coming.  The next update is overdue on our side, but I think it is going to be pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

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Will you add smooth locomotion?

Yes! Coming in the next update :)

Okay, Thank You

Link to the new soundtrack:  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, trying to get the sound just right was tricky.  https://soundcloud.com/rediron_lloyd/sets/doom-1-soundtrack-remastered

has how to  walk without teleport?

Make guns 3d models and you have me.

It shall be so!  I also have a request for controller turning :). Ill get them in together